HAP Board

HAP Governance Board

Current Representative
Subpopulation Sector/Geographic Area
County of Santa Cruz
Jim Straubinger
Mental Health/Countywide
City of Santa Cruz
Susie O’Hara
General Population/North County
City of Watsonville
Tamara Vides
General Population/South County
City of Scotts Valley
Tina Friend (Chair)
General Population/Small City
Smart Solutions
Don Lane
General Population/Countywide
Kelly Conway
Linda Lemaster
Homeless People/Countywide
Assoc. Faith Communities
Judy Hutchinson
Countywide Homeless Coordinator
Rayne Pérez
Countywide/General Population

HAP Executive Committee

Elissa Benson (Chair) Assistant County Administrative Officer, County of Santa Cruz
Mimi Hall Director, Health Services Agency, County of Santa Cruz
Randy Morris Director, Human Services Department, County of Santa Cruz
Kathy Molloy Director, Planning Department, County of Santa Cruz
Jamie Goldstein City Manager, City of Capitola
Martín Bernal City Manager, City of Santa Cruz
Tina Friend City Manager, City of Scotts Valley
Matt Huffaker City Manager, City of Watsonville
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